Max J. Raulff
Subterranean Homesick Blues
Photography 2015 – 2020


Being stuck at home makes you realize that, as a photographer, and even more so as a street photographer, being able to move freely is a crucial part of your work. On the other hand, being forced to stay at home and focus on my work started a process of reviewing, rediscovering, sometimes re-editing, and generally rethinking what I’ve collected so far. 
The last five years of my life have easily been the most productive ones. What I present you here are some of my personal favorites, but also a kind of temporary resumé, a glimpse into the crazy life I was able to live for the last five years, for which I am very grateful.
My special thanks go to Agostino Morano, who included my work into his fantastic exhibitions in Rome, to the great photographer Barbara Klemm, who has and will always be an inspiration for me, to my good friend Allen Adam, who kindly counter-checks my writing with infinite patience, and last but not least to my parents, who always tried, and still try their best to support me.